Heat Pump (basic Intro)
April 19, 2014
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Copper is used most commonly in plumbing as it is easy to work with and very durable and strong. Below is some basic information about this type of pipework material:
Copper pipework is manufactured in both a rigid and flexible type. The rigid copper is also known in the plumbing world as ‘Hard Copper’ and conforms to all the local regulations for pipes, such as domestic water systems. The copper is supplied in 3 what is called thickness of wall gradings:
Type-M,L,K. There is a type M and this is the thinner of all the types. It is also quite cheap to buy and is a preferred material for most do it yourself plumbing enthusiasts. It produces a very professional finish. Copper is able to wear very well, having great properties that allow it to be highly resistant to any kind of corrosive effects. They are available in various diameters, but most domestic water supply pipes use 1⁄2‐inch/3⁄4‐inch.
Many professionals use Type L. Type K is used most on water supply lines that are under the ground. The flexible type of copper is also known as ‘soft copper’. Flexible type L copper is used primarily
for gas supply lines. Because it will bend and is capable of resisting mild frosty weather, type L may be installed as part of a water supply system in unheated indoor areas, like crawl spaces. Type K is used for underground water service lines. These pipes are fixed with soldered compression, or flare type fittings. You must follow your local authorities recommendations for the correct types of pipes and fittings for your area. A Harefield Plumber works with copper pipes and carries all the right tools. Soldered fittings, also called sweat fittings, often are used to join copper pipes. Correctly soldered fittings are strong and trouble free.

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