Home remedies to clear a Blocked sink

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April 7, 2016
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May 8, 2016

When you find out that there is standing water in your kitchen sink or in the tub, then you have to know that you may be suffering from a clogged drain. The good news is that it is easy to clear the clogged drain through using common household items like hot water, borax, baking soda and vinegar. These are some of the effective tools that can be used in clearing the Blocked sink Harefield. You have to drain all the water from the tub or sink. If the sink is draining slowly, it will take some time before the water is removed. When you use a clearing mixture, it will be able to unclog the mixture faster.

Use the kitchen and cleaning items: you have many options when it comes to creating a drain opener in your home. The most common thing to use is vinegar with other substances that may lead to a chemical reaction if they are combined. You have to check if you have the drain opening agents on hand.
Some of the items that you can try out are types of vinegar such as apple or white cider vinegar since they have an acidic base that creates the foaming reaction.

Lemon juice has acidic ingredients and it smells good. This is why lemon juice is the right option when it comes to clearing the clogged kitchen sink. Baking soda is most often used as a multipurpose cleanser, but it may help to eat away the clog. Borax can also be used since it is a multipurpose cleanser. Pour vinegar with any other cleaning agent you want to use into the Blocked sink Harefield. There is no need to mix before adding these ingredients into the drain. The mixture is going to foam up when the chemical reaction starts.

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