How to unblock an outside drain

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July 10, 2016
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Before you can deal with a blocked outside drain Harefield, it is important that you forts identify what the cause is. Many of the blockages build up with time and this may be evident in the inside drainage system. You may notice that the bath and the sinks drain at a much slower pace or you may hear a gurgling sound that is strange as the water empties. As the blockage becomes wore, water keeps on dragging and this means that the drain problem is actually worsening. You may also sense a bad smell especially outside and if unchecked, the drain can overflow and this causes water damage within the property. Safety first
Before handling any mater that has to do with the drain, you need to consider your own safety first of all. You will need to wear gloves and eye goggles. This is a very dirty job and contamination can be pretty gross. You may discover that the blockage has been caused by a lot of toilet paper, plastic pieces, food, fat, hair, nappies and sanitary towels.
It is advisable that you cover the outdoor drains so as to make sure that garden debris such as leaves and sand don’t get in and clog the drain.
Blocked outside drain Harefield can lead to nasty overflows. You should know that the matter could actually be very simple or very complex. An outside blockage could be due to leaves or other types of debris and this could actually be on the grate cover. You should remove all debris and then flush using boiling water. A drain cleaner can also be used but you need to adhere to the instructions given by the manufacturer. If you don’t see any debris, you will have to lift it and check. Always wear gloves when handling any kind of drain.

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