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April 25, 2014
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May 27, 2014
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These are helpful tips so that you should be able to survive the winter months without encountering a major plumbing nightmare and the cost both financially and emotionally. Harefield Plumbers will provide advice and expert help for your plumbing. The main job is to identify where your supply comes into the house and remember and mark it. Whilst you are looking find where other service valves are located? Label them and check from time to time that they are working correctly.

Locate any drain valves on your system. Make sure that your water storage system and any exposed pipework are properly insulated with the correct type of material, particularly in the loft area.

If the temperature is freezing you should be vigilant regarding your pipes icing up. Leave the loft entrance open to allow warm air to circulate up and around the loft, helping to stop the freezing effect. Check the condition of flexible hosepipes to plumbed-in domestic appliances at regular intervals. Inspect your cistern at regular intervals and if it is of a metal type, visually check for any signs that it has corroded. Your local plumbing service will advise you if there is any signs of impending problems.

Taps that constantly drip or persistent running overflows will indicate that you have a potential problem and that the system as a whole is requiring some attention. You can stop this becoming a major issue by calling in the services of your local Registered Plumbing Professional like A Harefield Plumber who can advise and carry out these actions for you. Make sure your central heating boilers and other heating appliances serviced on an annual basis. If your boiler is of a condensing type, then make sure that you have protected all the pipework from becoming frozen with insulating material.


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