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May 10, 2016
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June 29, 2016
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Did you know there is more to owning a dishwasher then loading and pushing some buttons? If you are like millions of people the odds are slim any upkeep is being done on the machine. This will cause it to break and a professional dishwasher repairs Harefield will have to be called out. If your dishes are coming out dirty then it could be the way they are being loaded. If everything is crammed in and there is no space, the dishes will properly still have gunk on them when the cycles are all done. Each rack is made for different sizes of dishes. For example, the bottom rack has more room so plates and saucers can be easily slid into the slots. While the top rack is usually for bowls, bigger utensils and drinking glasses. Silverware even have their place on the little rack attached to the door. When everything is properly spaced the water is able to get in between the dishes and properly clean them.
Something else to keep in mind is before inserting dishes into the dishwasher take a moment and rinse them off real quick. This keeps the noodles and potatoes from clogging the drain so the water will not properly drain. If the food manages to work its way into the drain then you will need a professional to come out and fish everything out so it will work again.
Dishwashers have sprinklers that go around and shoot the water out. If something too tall is inserted into the rack then it can prevent the arms from doing their job. Always check to make sure nothing is going obstructing the sprinklers before turning the machine on. Taking a little extra time will ensure the dishwasher is running properly at all times.

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