How to unblock a manhole

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June 8, 2016
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July 10, 2016
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Have you ever wondered where all the water and waste from the kitchen sink, tub or toilet go? Everything is dumped directly into a manhole. There is bacteria that flows through the pipes and helps keep the waste water flowing smoothly. In order for the waste to be completely dissolved there are enzymes that are created so everything can be broke down.In order for you to keep good hygiene it requires using a variety of toilet paper, detergents for clothes and dishes, body and hand soap, bleach for clothes and various cleaning, house disinfectants and even plastic containers for storing food. When these various chemicals wash down the pipes and to the manhole it can impact a negative result over time. Between these chemicals changing the acidity and decreasing the oxygen the good bacteria will also be destroyed. This is going to stress the manhole out and cause it to stop functionally properly, it will clog and back up because the waste will no longer be processed correctly. Now the manhole is going to back up into the home and yard where the unprocessed waste will come to a rest and the odor will take your breath away. This is also a good way for a variety of diseases to start spreading.
If you are not wanting to deal with any major problems are costly repairs of a blocked manhole Harefield then prevention will need to be done periodically. There are additives that are concentrated that will help to restore balance to the manhole. These additives are a necessity since so many chemicals are being flushed through the pipes so you have good hygiene. If you forget to clean the pipes and a break happens in the manhole the possibility of a costly repair will be necessary.

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